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The Issues and Our Demands

1. MONEY IN POLITICS: ExxonMobil must stop giving corporate political campaign donations and taking millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for environmentally and socially destructive projects.

No one institution should have the right to determine government policy in a democracy. ExxonMobil gets away with its outrageous activities through buying government influence. Since 1997 it has spent $47 million in lobbying government officials. In the 2000 election cycle, ExxonMobil and its employees donated $1,375,250, 89 percent of which went to Republican candidates, helping to ensure that fellow Texan and oil executive George W. Bush got elected to the White House. Note: All campaign finance and lobbying data above taken from the .

Its investment has paid off. ExxonMobil lobbied hard against the Kyoto Protocol, the only international treaty to address global warming. Last year, the Bush Administration pulled the US out of Kyoto. Earlier this year Bush announced that the US response to climate change would be voluntary reductions of carbon dioxide, and that under this plan emissions will be allowed to significantly increase. In the Senate, ExxonMobil's extensive lobbying with its fossil fuel allies has ensured a US energy policy that increases our dependence on polluting fossil fuels, instead of moving us toward energy security based on renewable energy sources.

Enron taught us all how corporations and government are intertwined. Similarly, ExxonMobil guarantees its influence over public policy by investing millions in campaigns and lobbying. In return, ExxonMobil receives access, which leads to millions in taxpayer subsidies that are provided by the US government and other public finance agencies, including the World Bank. Our tax dollars should not subsidize ExxonMobil's bad corporate behavior.

2. GLOBAL WARMING: ExxonMobil must stop sabotaging international efforts to address global warming and support mandatory reductions in global warming pollution.

ExxonMobil denies any responsibility for climate change, openly funds climate skeptics, spent millions on a misinformation campaign to mislead the public regarding the Kyoto Protocol Treaty, and successfully lobbied the Bush Administration to reject it. While some oil companies have taken first steps to invest in clean renewable energy, ExxonMobil remains the dinosaur of the industry, investing virtually nothing in renewable energy. It has attempted to discredit the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. A February 2001 ExxonMobil memo to the Bush White House asked if the United States' could help unseat Dr. Robert Watson, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world's scientific authority on the issue. In April 2002, just as the ExxonMobil memo was made public, Watson was removed with the help of the US government delegation.

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