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The growing Stop ExxonMobil Alliance consists of many of America's leading environmental, human rights, pro-democracy, and social justice organizations. The campaign is dedicated to committing ExxonMobil to socially responsible behavior. It is the culmination of years of struggle to improve the corporate practices of two of the world's largest oil companies, Exxon and Mobil, which were allowed to merge in 1999 to form a corporate behemoth with unprecedented power and government influence.

The Stop ExxonMobil Alliance builds on a long history of civil society and affected communities around the world to promote responsible business practices in Exxon and Mobil. Americans in particular remember the Exxon Valdez tragedy in 1989, but the last decade has also seen long struggles for environmental justice in U.S. refinery communities, international efforts to address human rights abuses associated with ExxonMobil's extraction activities, campaigns to hold the company accountable for its efforts to derail the international climate change treaty, and an International Day of Action last year highlighting many of these issues. People around the world have opposed one of the world's largest corporations with uncompromising and dogged tenacity. The ExxonMobil Alliance is the culmination of years of activism.

Ultimately the Stop ExxonMobil campaign is about bringing accountability to unchecked corporate power. National polls consistently show that the majority of Americans believe that corporations have too much power and influence over our government. 51 of the world's largest economies are corporations, not nations, and ExxonMobil has more power than the majority of the world's governments. By taking a stand against ExxonMobil, we take a stand against unresponsive corporate power, human rights abuses, and the ecocide of our beautiful planet.

Stop ExxonMobil Alliance Statement of Purpose

The Stop ExxonMobil Alliance is a broad association of rights groups working to influence ExxonMobil's behavior in the human rights, environment, governance and community relations areas. Alliance members support each others' demands but do not have expertise or take public position on all the issue areas.

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